Joyce Nelson

Joyce Nelson is an award-winning freelance writer/researcher whose sixth book is being published in October 2016. Entitled Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism, the book can be ordered at now.

Nelson writes regularly for The Watershed Sentinel, Counterpunch, Economic Reform and other publications. She is also a visual artist whose work is regularly exhibited by the Beach Guild of Fine Art in Toronto, Canada.

Nelson can be reached at

Advance Reviews of
Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism

"A powerful and chilling investigation into an emerging global oligarchy of banks and corporations. Acutely insightful, Beyond Banksters digs deep into the nature of this new order and its repressive and impoverishing effects, while also revealing possibilities for resistance and change. Written with wit and clarity, Beyond Banksters is not only informative but a pleasure to read."

Joel Bakan, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia, and author of The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power and Children Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Your Children

“Provocative, profound, challenging and suffused with perceptive clarity, Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism will doubtless elicit joy from those who agree and rage from those who don't - precisely what we expect from this gadfly extraordinaire.”

Stephen Hume, author and Vancouver Sun columnist

“Always cutting edge, writer Joyce Nelson has penned a chilling dissection of the hidden-in-plain-view takeover of Canada by a global economic elite and their Banksters. The tightening noose of foreign economic domination that serves the billionaire class is choking-off Canada's very sovereignty. Ms. Nelson brilliantly exposes this crisis in a wakeup call that reads like a spy thriller. Unfortunately, this is not fiction but reality, the sober, blunt truth that politicians and the mainstream media spin and hide. If you care about your economic future, read this book and act.”

John Stauber, author of Toxic Sludge Is Good For You and Weapons of Mass Deception

“Read this book, and then help put a stop to the on-going rip-off. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.”

Anne Cameron, grandmother and author of Dreamspeaker

“This well researched book sheds new light on what is really going on in the financial world, and anyone who cares about Canada would be well advised to read it.”

Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence

“In the political confusion, what's needed is a focal point - a sort of history and playbook combination, a reference point and Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism has provided this brilliantly. With eminently readable, short chapters, free of jargon, this very fine book by prominent Canadian author Joyce Nelson is a must for anyone who wants to understand what's happening.”

Rafe Mair, broadcaster and co-founder of The Common Sense Canadian website

“Hard hitting, well researched, succinct, fast-paced, Beyond Banksters lays bare the usually hidden world of Canadian and international bankers. Want to know how to disentangle the web of banks buying up and privatizing Canada's public assets? Read Beyond Banksters and learn about the central players and their cozy relations with governments and international fraudsters. Written by one of Canada's best freelance investigative writers, this is a hopeful book, offering attractive alternatives to rule by banksters.”

Gordon Laxer, author of After the Sands: Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians

“Read it and then get your Member of Parliament to read it.”

— Duncan Cameron, Centre for Global Political Economy, Simon Fraser University